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We have been in the business of maintenance and repair of construction machines since our founding and we make sure the machine is ready at our own workshop.
We provide maintenance and repair services for our own machines and also machines of customers.
We also offer periodic inspections. If you feel something wrong with your machines, please contact us immediately.

We have total care services for construction machines

Exterior of workshop

Interior of workshop

Painting machines

Spare parts replacement

On-site repair service car

Transport, Assembling, Training

Certificate of completion of training

Welding repair

Assembling crawler cranes


Chubu Kogyo provides service support and parts for overseas construction operations.
We have established a well-prepared system for dispatching engineers associated with services for construction machinery.


Dispatching service engineers

Assembling machines

Instruction・Translation support

Transport arrangement

Training operation

Successful works


Our crawler crane was rented for the Hanoi railroad project in Vietnam. Since the project was responsible for community development in Hanoi, there were many people involved and the cooperation was difficult, but we contributed to the success of the project by carefully preparing in advance with local staff.


We delivered, assembled, and instructed the operation of KATO big truck cranes NK3600 and NK5000 in Indonesia. Big construction machines are difficult to handle, and sometimes we have a hard time. However, we were able to successfully complete the project as planned without any problems because of our staff with skills of handling big construction machines.


We provided repair, assembly, and operation training for Sumitomo all terrain crane SA1700 in Pakistan. Although we do not receive many requests from Pakistan, our staff with a lot of overseas experience, took charge of the project and led the project to success through smooth communication with local staff.


We repaired Kobelco 7200 owned by Chubu Kogyo in Taiwan, one of our group companies. CKK Group handles and repairs various construction machines overseas.


We repaired Sumitomo all terrain crane in Dubai. Since the request was for an old machine that not many engineers can repair, our engineer with many years of experience in the CKK Group handled it. It is one of the strengths of the CKK Group that we can handle old models of construction machines.

Sri Lanka

We delivered, assembled, and instructed the operation of Sumitomo crawler crane LS248RH5 crawler in Sri Lanka. The project needed many units at the same time, but we led the success of the project by carefully preparing in advance.


In Bangkok, Thailand, we conducted a pre-shipment inspection of a crawler crane for a project in Laos. We contributed to the success of the project by cooperating with local staff.


We repaired and instructed the operation of a big construction machine in Algeria. Although it is far from Japan, several staff of the CKK Group handled this big project and led it to success.