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SDGs activities

CKK GROUP agrees with SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) adopted at United Nations Sustainable Development Summit in September 2015, and we are working on it positively.
Realization of happiness and richness of life for everyone, and a better environment for the region, the country, and the world.
In order to realize a sustainable future that is cofortable to live for everyone, we will start with what we can do now.

Community contribution (donations and endowment)

SDGsアイコン SDGsアイコン
Community contribution (donations and endowment) Community contribution (donations and endowment)

Through donations and contributions, we provide goods to support children’s growth, and facilities and equipment for local people.
We think that providing an environment that develop the ability to work will reduce people who are difficult to find work and activate the community, ultimately contributing to the creation of a sustainable community.
We also work on reconstruction support of disasters caused by typhoons and torrential rains.

CO2 reduction (Environment Hybrid Vehicle・EV Vehicle)

SDGsアイコン SDGsアイコン

In order to reduce CO2, we are gradually switching to hybrid and EV for our sales vehicles.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

SDGsアイコン SDGsアイコン

We contribute to community development by preventing disasters caused by floods and storm surges.

Our rough terrain crane「SL850Rf」operated by the skilled operator from CK LEASE.

One of the unique activities for us is community development by using construction machines. We demolish and renovate aging buildings and build new structures at thermal power plants, hydrogen stations, purification centers,and sites for river reinforceing work by using our own construction machines and operators.

Creating a comfortable workplace

SDGsアイコン SDGsアイコン

Spacious desk layout makes employees to work comfortably

The company is full of brightness with large windows. Staff can work with a clear mind.

A workplace that the next generation can shine and work with an easy mind is essential to create a sustainable future.
Therefore, CKK GROUP has been making efforts to create a comfortable work environment by offering short-time work, maternity and childcare leave.
We think that making it easier for employees to work and put effort into parenting will lead to activation of the community and society.

Creating a rewarding work environment

SDGsアイコン SDGsアイコン

Overseas project (Australia) : The world’s large 1,250t class crawler crane

The above photo is the one taken when we provided the machine to a construction site in Australia.
TREX-DEMAG CC8800 with a lifting capacity of 1,250 tons, is one of the largest crawler cranes in the world.
The part of crawler (caterpillar) is overwhelming height and approximately 3 meters high.
It may take several weeks to assemble and operate, and many crane specialists are involved.
There is a high demand for 1,000 ton class cranes for projects of infrastructure development in Southeast Asia and other countries, where it is difficult to prepare such cranes in their own countries, and CKK GROUP provides many machines to them.


Project in Japan : Large 500t crawler crane

The above photo is the one taken when we provided the Sumitomo 6000SLX to a construction site in Japan.
Building a tall structure by huge construction machine is overwhelming.
Looking ahead to the future of the increasing demand for large cranes in Japan, CKK GROUP introduced a 500 ton crane and has studied it.
We have been receiving many requests for big projects because we can provide best machines.

CKK GROUP aim to become a company that each employee work with pride and shine.
One of our efforts is to introduce the latest and large machines actively.
Exposure to new technology and big projects will help you grow as a person and a businessman.
Handling the latest and large machines need to gather a lot of information, manage the progress of the project with people involved.
There are many things to do and overcome.
Sometimes the project takes several months and it can be difficult, but the reaction from the customers and the sense of accomplishment when we overcome those difficulties are very great, and we think that those experiences will help us grow and improve.
We also think that it is the company’s responsibility to create an environment that help the growth of human resources who can challenge such projects without problems and provide opportunities to acquire the skills needed such as training and technical research by manufacturers.