Trading, Rental, Lease, Maintanance, Repair, total support




Please ask us anything about selling your machines.
Our staff, who are familiar with the both domestic and international market prices, will contact you.
We will make use of our know-how cultivated in the construction and heavy machine industry for many years and try to give our highest possible price.
We will respond to various requests, such as wanting to know the current market price of machines, discarding machines that are no longer working, or considering closing down a business.
Please feel free to contact us.

We purchase any construction machines
The manufacturer and model don’t matter.

We even take old and no maintained machines

We have strong network in Japan and international market.


1.Purchase request

Please fill out inquiry form or call us.
If you give us detailed infomration as much as possible, it goes smoothly.

2.Inspection and assessment

Our sales representative will visit you and inspect your machine and make an assessment.


After the inspection, we will give you a quote.

4.Agreement and Payment

If you are satisfied with our quote, the agreement will be signed.
You will receive cash payment and we pick up your machine.